The Only 3 Camping Lights You Will Ever Need

If you’re like most people your lighting situation is probably one of two extremes. You either own just a single flashlight or bin chock-full of a dozen headlamps, flashlights and batteries that may or may not even be functional. Whatever your situation, there is a middle ground that not only packs efficiently, but gives you maximum functionality as well.

The best part? It’s only THREE lights. That’s right, all of your lighting needs can be met with 3 products. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it.

Biolite BaseLantern


Why am I telling you to buy a $100+ lantern? Because it is the best and last lantern you will ever need. This burly piece of modern technology holds up to 12,000mAh of power. That’s enough to charge an iPhone 6 times. Which means you can charge five phones and still pump out light until the heat death of the universe. Okay maybe not that long, but at least through the weekend.

For real though, it puts out a max of 500 lumens in any color, can be controlled by your phone, weighs 1.3lb and it’s got a handy metal stand that’s tiltable and can be attached to a branch for setting up camp in the dark. If all that hasn’t convinced you, check out this party mode.

BioLite Headlamp


There are lots of great headlamps you can buy for $50, but if you want the most functional and comfortable, look no further than Biolite.

The genius of this headlamp is the battery pack on the back and its micro-usb charging port. Putting the battery on the back distributes the weight to allow for maximum comfort, minimum slippage and one handed tilting. The charging port means you’ll never have to worry about packing extra batteries.

It can run for up to 40hr, but can recharge from any power bank or Biolite’s baselantern. The Biolite pumps out 330lumens with options to dim and even red light night vision. It also comes in a bunch of super rad colors.


The Luci is the go-anywhere-do-anything piece of lighting gear. It can go literally anywhere because it’s crazy light, deflates to pack flat, waterproof and charges itself in the sun.

Its 10 LEDs put out up to 75 lumens and are extremely energy efficient – as long as you’ve got a few hours of sunlight you’ll be guaranteed to have light all night.

Use the adjustable strap on top to clip inside your tent, set to low and you’ve got the perfect night light. Surprise midnight bathroom trip? Crank it back to high and light your way through the dark.

Much of the fun of camping is needing very little to be comfortable outdoors. Having only three versatile lights means you can pack up easy and never have to dig through bags or bins to find the right light for the job. Functional, organized and versatile gear is the crucial step to make camping feel like a breeze instead of a chore.

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